"It's great feeling like you matter, not like you're just another head count."

Gemma Gregory, Head of IT Service

Corporate Insurance

We’re looking for positive, can-do people, excited by the opportunity to work closely with our biggest customers and to continue to grow our business.

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“We’ve a huge business development initiative in place to get us to the forefront of the market – and the right people will see us achieve our ambitions.”

- Jason Raven

We’re looking for positive, can-do people, excited by the opportunity to work closely with our biggest customers and to continue to grow our business.

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We’re renowned for providing first-class, award-winning customer service. And nowhere is that more evident than Corporate Insurance. We look after our highest value customers – with policies ranging from £75,000 to over £11 million – including household names within the food and drink, and retail sectors.

We take the time to develop each and every customer relationship to ensure we’re providing the best possible service. Regular, face-to-face contact with our customers is the foundation to these long-lasting relationships. And, our underwriting and claims teams work closely together to produce insurance solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

While always remaining loyal to our roots, we’ve moved with the times. And we still are. We’ve big, ambitious growth targets for the future and the way we’ll achieve these is by having the right people in the right place. We need motivated, positive people to manage, drive and develop corporate insurance opportunities. Whether it’s exploring and expanding our offering into new industries, developing the use of technology to enhance what we do, or evolving our strategic partnerships, there’s plenty of exciting opportunities for you to help grow the future of Corporate Insurance.


"I love building relationships with our customers."

Hannah Bissell, Claims Handler

I joined NFU Mutual's Corporate Insurance unit after a friend recommended it to me through NFU Mutual’s Refer a Friend scheme. I've now been in motor injury claims for three years and am currently just finishing a year's secondment within the Property and Public Liability team. Before I joined the team I was actually working in law. Following my A levels I joined a legal firm as a junior secretary before working my way up to become a paralegal.

Having worked in a different industry I really appreciate and enjoy the variety of the work within Corporate Insurance. Day-to-day the work changes based on individual claims and situations. We’re trusted to get on and work with a wide variety of claims, learning new skills as we go and applying them to different situations.

I love what I do because of the relationship with my policy holders. I build a relationship with each of my customers and because I have knowledge of their business and understand how their policies and procedures work, I can help them through claims. I really enjoy that relationship with them and going to regularly visit their businesses. We really make sure we do our best by our policy holders at NFU Mutual. And all this means I can give them the best possible level of service.

I'm currently working towards my CII. I've been encouraged to do it and I know I've got support from my manager, which is fantastic. It does mean more work, sometimes out of hours, but I don't mind because I genuinely enjoy and have an interest in it. I'll be really proud of myself when I've earnt my qualification.

"My work is appreciated and valued – and that means a huge amount to me."

Paul Clarke, Relationship Underwriter

I joined Corporate Insurance almost a year ago as an Underwriter, dealing specifically with renewals and new business. I really enjoy being able to look at new opportunities for the business and working with clients to put together something they need that covers every eventuality. We look after some big household names and I remember being in the supermarket just after I first started; everywhere I looked I saw huge market-leading brands – that we cover!

Corporate Insurance has some stretching targets for the next five years, but it’s good to hear as it supports growth and will drive us forward. We have lots of milestones to hit, but we have huge ambitions and it’s great to be part of the challenge – and I’m confident about playing my part. It’s fantastic that NFU Mutual wants to grow and develop when other insurers are looking to flatten out or exit markets.

The support here is great. I’ve quickly found my feet thanks to the welcoming nature of the team, especially when it comes to the systems and processes used. And I really enjoy helping others through my knowledge and experience. I think that’s what it’s all about here – working together to get the right proposition to the client. In terms of professional support, I have a bespoke personal development plan, which is specific to me and my needs. If there’s something I want or need to learn, I know I’ll have the support of my manager.

My advice for people applying? Prepare to be challenged; you’ll need to step up and use your initiative. You’ll gain invaluable experience by seeing clients face-to-face and working alongside senior members of the team.


Senior Change Manager Stratford upon Avon 17.05.2020

As well as roles in Corporate Insurance, we also offer opportunities in a wide variety of business areas. From sales to underwriting, claims to risk management. To search our current vacancies or register for our job alerts by email service, click on the link below.

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