"We see everyone as talented. It's our job to pinpoint these talents and develop them."

John Wilson, Senior Manager

What we offer

Good people can choose where they want to work. And we want the best people to want to work here. So there's more than just a job or salary at NFU Mutual. As well as superb career opportunities we can offer a positive culture, tailored development packages and very attractive benefits – we've created a great all-round package.

Our culture underpins everything we do, and everything the business achieves

Our culture

You can read our employee profiles to hear from real people about their real experiences of working here.

But it's worth noting that our positive, supportive culture isn't just airy-fairy – it underpins everything we do, and everything the business achieves. Our customers would soon catch us out if we didn’t live up to it, so we make sure we do.

So our approach isn’t just a series of buzzwords; it's about reminding ourselves what we're here for and what being a part of NFU Mutual means to us.

  • Integrity – means we treat customers and employees fairly
  • Pride and support – means that we respect our people and recognise our responsibilities to the broader community
  • Performance – means we’re constantly looking at ways to help our people feel empowered and inspired to achieve more and that together we strive for excellence
  • Development – means we encourage our people to be the best they can be
  • Recognition – means we make sure our people feel rewarded for their contribution
  • Financial sustainability – means we aim to protect our workforce by ensuring the business continues to be successful now and in the future

Your development

We put people first, always have and always will. That's why, when it comes to your professional development, we'll make sure that your development plan is tailored to you and your needs. For example, you might want to focus on specific things, like improving your PowerPoint skills or developing your coaching abilities. But you might also want to work on your behaviours. That could be anything from raising your self-awareness, to big picture thinking. It's all about helping you to be even better.

Our structured talent management programme is designed to nurture skills at every level of the organisation. That means relevant training to help you develop, and regular reviews to ensure your progress is tracked and rewarded. We'll also support you – practically and financially – to gain managerial, academic or professional qualifications, providing they're relevant to what you do and will improve your performance.

Rewards and benefits

We hire good people, and we want them to stay with us. So along with a supportive culture and ongoing development opportunities, you can also look forward to some very attractive benefits.

Certain benefits depend on your role, but generally you can expect:

  • A contributory pension scheme
  • Life assurance
  • Annual holidays – between 25 and 28 days' a year depending on your role. And you'll gain an additional two days' holiday a year after five years' service
  • Our holiday buy/sell scheme which allows you to buy or sell up to 5 days holiday each year
  • Company performance related annual bonus (up to 10% of your annual salary)
  • Individual performance related annual bonus, up to a maximum of 30% of your annual salary (dependent on level of role) 
  • Flexible working
  • Staff discounts on NFU Mutual products
  • Staff discounts with other organisations
  • Private medical insurance 
  • Company car (for certain roles)
  • Wellbeing package

Employment policy

Equal opportunity is high on our agenda. Throughout the organisation, we aim to work together openly, honestly and fairly – developing a bond of trust with every employee.

It starts with every member of staff truly understanding what's expected of them.

We're committed to:

  • Treating every person fairly across all aspects of employment - from recruitment through to development and training 
  • Ensuring internal and external applicants are considered on individual ability, regardless of gender, age, colour, creed, race, ethnic origin, disability, marital status, religion or belief, trade union membership or sexual preference and orientation
  • Treating full-time, part-time, fixed term and permanent employees in the same way
  • Officially and effectively resolving complaints relating to alleged discrimination
  • Ensuring that all employees responsible for employment decisions understand the legal, moral and business reasons for providing equal opportunities at work
  • Annually reviewing our Equal Opportunities data to identify potential discrimination or barriers to achieving equal opportunities
  • Treating any breaches of our policy as cases of gross misconduct

Disability policy

NFU Mutual is an Equal Opportunities Employer and supports the disability two ticks scheme, this means that we guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a role. We ask applicants to declare their disabilities in order for us to uphold this commitment.