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Why working at NFU Mutual offers a genuinely different proposition

17 February 2016
Why working at NFU Mutual offers a genuinely different proposition

Working in the insurance market can be much of a muchness, but NFU Mutual is different, says Chris Greaves, Corporate Development Manager for Group Corporate Business, when talking about his experience in the industry.

In 2014, putting destiny – and his career – into his own hands, Chris Greaves had had enough of recruitment agencies and decided to approach NFU Mutual about a position in Group Corporate Business. Why? He appreciated the traditional approach to business and the way the company treats its employees and policy holders. “NFU Mutual cares,” says Chris. “It makes sure the right people are in the right jobs and gives them the tools to do their jobs properly.

“I know that when I’m explaining a proposition to a client, we’ll deliver our promise, and that gives me confidence in what I’m saying – and I can’t say that’s been the case everywhere I’ve worked. Here, the theory matches reality.”

Chris enjoys the client facing nature of his role, working with both brokers and NFU Mutual’s network of agents. He helps to develop agent capabilities when it comes to large, corporate clients, by sharing his knowledge and accompanying them to client meetings and presenting propositions. “I also get to work with underwriters to bring a competitive premium together, looking at what meets our customers’ needs or what they’re not getting,” explains Chris. “We’re dedicated to doing the best we can for our customers.”

Indeed, this dedication to policy-holders means they become a part of the business. NFU Mutual is able to offer a consistent, competitive pricing level that is more considerate in approach. One of the main reasons for this is that it’s not under a huge pressure from shareholders to increase profit, because it’s a mutual.

That said, there is an ambitious plan for the future that involves challenging growth targets. “Personally, I’d rather be stretched,” says Chris. “We’re changing and there’s no doubt that it’s exciting being a part of a team that will help change the overall perception of the business and improve the impact in the market. If you’re the type of person that gets a buzz out of that, you’ll enjoy working here and have access to a lot of opportunities.”

Chris goes on to explain that while, in his opinion, NFU Mutual might not be widely known for being dynamic or forward thinking, in reality, the opposite is true. “It’s a really exciting place to be with an exciting approach. But it still has that traditional ethos, it genuinely cares about employees and is interested in people development.”

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