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John Wilson, Senior Manager

New opportunities are always welcome

15 March 2016
New opportunities are always welcome

Juliet Green is the Head of Communications, a big job which includes Internal Communications, PR, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Media. Her team plays a central role in promoting and protecting the company’s brand and reputation. We caught up with her to get her take on the future of the Strategy and Marketing division and why this is an exciting time to join.

“NFU Mutual has a fabulous brand and culture, and I’m really proud to work here. It’s an honour to work in a business area that helps promote and protect such a special brand – and one that adds real commercial value too.

The Strategy and Marketing division has an incredibly powerful and dynamic mix of teams, each of which is well placed to drive the business forward and support our customers.

Our environment is constantly evolving. Right now we’re focussing on giving our brand an even stronger presence to become recognised by a wider range of customers. This is really exciting – and part of the reason why now is a great time to join the team.

We’re putting more investment into our people, and offering them the training and development opportunities they need and desire. We want to ensure our teams work in an environment that not only allows us all to support business goals, but that is vibrant, rewarding and enjoyable.

One of the greatest things about working here is that new ideas and opportunities are always welcome. Whether those opportunities lie in a shift in internal strategy or modern technology, we have the ability to adapt and embrace change. Most recently we have welcomed the Social Media team on board and we’ve started developing a brand-new Social Intranet.

The division is currently going through some changes, and we’re preparing to ensure the business delivers on its medium term plan. We’re working more effectively together across the division and with the rest of the business, so everyone is really clear on their role and the value they bring to our company.

The team here is made up of brilliant people. They’re great at what they do. It’s an absolute a pleasure to lead this department.”  

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