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A day in the life of an Actuarial Trainee

18 April 2017
A day in the life of an Actuarial Trainee

Resourcing Business Partner, Jo Weston, decided to explore the experiences of one of NFU Mutual’s successful Actuarial Trainees, from starting out in his first actuarial role through to his subsequent career development within the business.

Daniel joined NFU Mutual three-and-a-half years ago and has already progressed his career. He started in the Life Actuarial Department within the Services Team which gave him the opportunity to work alongside and support experienced Actuarial colleagues and Financial Advisors as well as learning invaluable customer service skills within a highly specialised and challenging field of work.

Having moved into Financial Risk to model Life business, Daniel is now specialising in stress and scenario testing which means he is involved in General Insurance as well as Life Insurance.

Let’s have a look at what he had to say about his experiences so far:

“I feel very proud to be working for NFU Mutual”

Working in an industry where the customer is key, I feel proud to be working for a company who puts their policy holders at the heart of everything they do. We’re a mutual and our high service standards have won us numerous consumer awards and recommendations.

What did you study at University?

I studied Maths at the University of Warwick but you can get in to Actuarial roles with other related disciplines such as Statistics, Business, Finance or Economics amongst others, as long as the subject has a lot of mathematical content.

“There are so many things that attracted me to work here!”

Actuarial work challenges me to use my mathematical skills in my day job whilst getting to see how it relates to the ‘real world’. Taking actuarial exams is a challenge, but it’s a huge investment in myself and my development.

This is something that NFU Mutual takes seriously and the Actuarial Trainee study support package gives me the tools and time I need to get the exams done.

Modelling capital can be quite complex as you have to understand the different models as well as make a judgement as to which is appropriate for different cases. To compound the challenge, you then have to able to communicate the results to stakeholders who may not have had the same training and technical expertise as you have.

What’s your team like?

We have a great balance of expertise within the team. Some team members have built their careers with NFU Mutual and have a wealth of knowledge but it’s balanced by lots of new talent who bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. As a Trainee it’s been great to be able to learn the ropes from experienced colleagues whilst also working alongside other Trainees who started their career in the same position as me.

What’s it like working for the company?

It’s a great working environment and being based in Stratford upon Avon suits me perfectly. I didn’t really want to relocate to London where a lot of Actuarial roles are based. Being outside of London and working for NFU Mutual offers a really balanced lifestyle.

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